The ADR Centre launched its dedicated website. This follows the opening of the physical ADR Centre in August 2022, the first purpose-built centre for dispute resolution in New Zealand. The ADR Centre is the first true bricks-and-mortar centre for practitioners in New Zealand and a hub for dispute resolution services.

Catherine Green, Director of the ADR Centre, commented,

Just as the ADR Centre was purpose-built as the physical hub for all of our brands, people, and practitioners, the new website is our virtual hub. It has been designed as a gateway to our brands, to showcase our world-class ADR facilities, and to help enhance and inform the experience of our ADR people, practitioners, and community.

She continued,

The launch of this dedicated website brings together our brands under one virtual roof. The Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre is the umbrella brand for our existing service lines: The Building Disputes Tribunal, the Independent Complaint and Review Authority, the New Zealand International Arbitration Centre, the New Zealand Dispute Resolution Centre, and the Family Dispute Resolution Centre.

The launch of this dedicated ADR Centre website demonstrates the increasing awareness and adoption of alternative dispute resolution as a fair and prompt alternative to litigation. Not only does it alleviate pressure on the courts, but in the current economy, our clients really appreciate the cost-effectiveness of alternative dispute resolution across a whole raft of services and industries.”


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