Following NZIAC’s recent admission as a member to APRAG, our Executive Director Catherine Green is this week in Jakarta meeting with APRAG’s President Mr Husseyn Umar. Mr Umar is also the Chairman of Badan Arbitrase Nasional Indonesia (BANI). NZIAC would like to thank Mr Umar for his warm hospitality. NZIAC firmly believes that close and positive collaboration between APRAG members across the region can only lend itself to the development of more effective and relevant arbitration services throughout the Asia Pacific Region. We very much look forward to working with our APRAG colleagues.

At the same time, Ms Green has also met with Chartered Arbitrator Karen Mills and her colleagues Rizki Karim, Rininta Ayunina, Iswahjudi A Karim, and Mirza Karim of law firm Karim Syah. Ms Mills is a panellist with NZIAC sitting on our Arbitration, Arb-Med, and Mediation panels. Her practice is diverse with a wealth of experience in aviation, banking and finance, building and construction, commercial, energy, financial services, insurance, information technology, maritime, shareholder and securities, treaty, oil and gas, and mining disputes. The strength of NZIAC’s services is underpinned by the experience and quality of those panellists who choose to work with us. NZIAC would also like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Mills and her colleagues for their warm hospitality in hosting our Executive Director in Jakarta this week.

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